About Mark Zokle

Mark ZokleMark Zokle is the national sales manager for BCI Acrylic, Incorporated. He is a natural born leader with finely tuned problem-solving abilities. An asset to the industry, Mark Zokle takes pride in counseling and uplifting his sales team and, over the last two decades, has helped jumpstart the careers of more than 1,000 successful sales managers.

At the start of his own personal career, Mark Zokle demonstrated a sharp eye and innate ability to help businesses eliminate bloat and correct inefficiencies that dampened the bottom line. He has helped numerous companies across the United States create new strategies and refocus their organizations to run both effectively and efficiently. Leveraging his natural talent, Mark Zokle established his own consulting firm where he focused on helping business owners establish priorities and a sense of harmony between their personal and professional lives. Mark Zokle saw a need for this type of advisement after experiencing his own personal struggle to balance being a husband and father and success in his career.

Over the years, Mark Zokle has mentored clients in a diverse breadth of industries from communications to retail. Specializing in streamlined management strategies, Mark Zokle remains a popular speaker and presenter at sales conferences throughout multiple industries.

A master salesman, Mark Zokle has contributed to the tutelage of more than 2,000 sales representatives, many of whom continue to generate nearly a quarter million dollars per month in sales. He is affectionately described by former students as “a living legend in the field of commission-based sales.” Mark Zokle and his skills are in high demand and he is often tasked with creating unique training material and market development strategies.

Mark Zokle has enjoyed a career that has allowed him to travel for business and still spend quality time with his family. One of Zokle’s first leadership roles was as a manufacturing sales director along the East Coast. During this time, he leveraged a booming economy and new American growth initiative to help his company experience a massive resurgence. It was this first round of success that put Zokle in the public eye.

At age 46, Mark Zokle was hired by BCI Acrylic. This appointment is the apex of Zokle’s career and the professional accomplishment of which he is most proud. Through BCI, Mark Zokle is able to indulge in his passion–home improvement–while helping independent business owners help clients get the most out of their remodeling dollars.

Remarkably, Mark Zokle, throughout his many professional endeavors, has remained a devoted husband and father and has managed to maintain the ever-elusive life balance of which most sales professionals can only dream.