Mark Zokle | Give and Take

Mark Zokle

In the world of sales it is sometimes necessary to give and take in order to close the deal, says marketing expert Mark Zokle.

The give and take close is one tactic utilized by sales professionals to encourage potential customers to buy a product or service. Mark Zokle describes this method as highly psychological. When people feel as though something is first within their reach, but then it’s not, they want to take back control. In the case of sales, this means they want to obtain ownership of the product being offered.

Mark Zokle uses the following scenario as an example:

Yes, we have the vehicle you were looking for in stock. Oh, wait, the one with the sunroof has already been reserved for another customer. They will be here tomorrow to get it. However, if you are ready to buy now I could probably get them a replacement before anyone notices.

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